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    How to deal with the bubble defect in the process of zinc alloy die casting?

    How to deal with the bubble defect in the process of zinc alloy die casting? The bubbles appearing in the die casting parts during the die casting production generally do not affect the use of zinc alloy die casting parts. The bubble can not be repaired, and the surface quality requirements of zinc alloy die casting should be determined according to the size of the bubble in time. For zinc alloy die castings that require electroplating and other surfaces or require heat treatment, they are generally scrapped.

    Causes of bubbles:

    1, die casting mold die casting temperature is too high.

    2. The filling speed is too high, and the metal flow is involved in too much gas.

    3, the paint gas is large, the amount is too much, and the volatile gas is not burned out before pouring, so that the volatile gas is covered in the surface of zinc alloy die casting.

    4, die casting mold exhaust is not smooth.

    5. Opening the mold too early.

    6, alloy melting temperature is too high.

    Measures to eliminate bubbles:

    1, cool die casting mold to working temperature.

    2, reduce the injection speed to avoid vortex air.

    3, choose the paint with small gas volume, thin and uniform dosage, and close the mold after burning out.

    4. Clean and add overflow chute and exhaust passage.

    5, adjust the mold time.

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