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    Steel sleeve and copper sleeve which wear

    In terms of wear resistance, the steel sleeve is more wear-resistant, and in actual use, the steel sleeve is less, because the steel sleeve will wear the shaft quickly. Usually, when the bearing type plain bearing is designed, the shaft and sleeve must be made of two materials.

    Since the shaft is rotating and the bearing bush is fixed, friction will inevitably occur during rotation, resulting in wear on the shaft and the bearing bush. The processing and disassembly accuracy and assembly difficulty of the shaft is relatively large, the bearing shell is fixed maintenance or replacement is relatively easy, so when choosing the material, the conscious choice of the bearing material is soft, phosphor tin bronze, aluminum iron bronze, tin zinc lead bronze, etc., according to different conditions of use to choose different copper alloys, and the material choice of the shaft will be harder or more wear-resistant.

    In this way, in almost all shaft-bearing bushing matches, the shaft will be made of steel, and the bushing will be made of copper. To be precise: copper alloy, is a tin - and lead-based bearing alloy with anti-friction characteristics. This is because the copper material is not as wear-resistant as the steel material, in order to protect the shaft, the copper material is selected as the bearing.

    Jiashan Rongchang Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd. produces a variety of copper sleeve, centrifugal casting, continuous casting and extrusion production of products are: copper bushing, copper slide, copper turbine, copper washer, flange bushing, self-lubricating bearings. Copper sleeve material: phosphorus copper, brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze and so on.