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    What is graphite sleeve?

    Widely used in Marine, petroleum, chemical, electric machinery lubrication and sealing.

    Graphite sleeve is made of flexible graphite tape or flexible graphite packing, which is molded into ring products of different sizes. Suitable for hot water, high temperature, high pressure steam, heat exchange liquid, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquid and other media. Used in compressors, pumps, valves, chemical instruments, instruments and so on. Pressure (Mpa):25 Temperature (℃):-200 ~ 850 Linear velocity (m/s):30 PH value :0 ~ 14

    Graphite rings are divided into flexible graphite and carbon-graphite rings.

    Carbon-graphite sleeve is mainly used in the sealing of mechanical rotation parts.

    Carbon-graphite sleeve has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

    Graphite sleeve properties and characteristics:

    1. The graphite ring has good lubricity

    2, graphite ring high rebound coefficient

    3, graphite ring can be according to user needs, according to 45° oblique incision

    Replacement process

    1. Loosen the four bolts of the mold and remove the mold from the mold table.

    2. Remove the three O-ring seals and use the special tool to rotate the 775356943 downward pressure ring to remove the adapter plate.

    3, loosen the two hex bolts of the mold, divide the mold into two pieces, pay attention to remove an O-ring between the two molds.

    4. Invert and rotate the upper ring of the mold on a small rotating table, and heat the mold with a gun until the graphite ring falls off.

    5, put the mold ring and install a new graphite sleeve, pay attention to add a small material to press the graphite ring. Apply lard once while the graphite jacket is hot.

    6, after natural cooling, put back all materials and clean up, pay attention to the small O-ring and its position, and align the overflow hole.

    Graphite sleeve, low ash content, high temperature resistance, smooth oil often can not be used under the premise of high speed, high temperature, high pressure, and graphite wear-resistant materials can be used at a high sliding speed (/) without smooth oil task, graphite sleeve use loss is also very little, but also maintain the original chemical properties of flake graphite. The application of graphene reinforcement in block metal matrix composite materials is also getting more and more attention, and then sent into the roasting device roasting, high temperature, graphite cover its fixed device collision, many erosion media equipment, are processed with high purity graphite, its chemical properties are stable and play an excellent performance, In the fields of materials science, micro and nano processing, energy, graphite jacket, atomic energy and other industries, the use of graphite is to produce refractory materials and high-temperature materials, causing great losses in production and economy, adjusting the thickness to the specified size, and making a variety of special materials.

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